Mr. Punjabi

Mar 2018
Ishwar Punjabi
12000 sq ft
Architect & Interior Designer
Amit Bhat Architects
Roberto Cavalli, Gianfranco Ferre, Molteni, Longhi, B&B Italia, Vismara, Gardeco, Bosa
Definition of happiness
This home in Aundh is a mix of textural plays. Nestled in the affluent suburb of Aundh, Pune, this home for four is a blend of vintage and modern opulent quotients. Amit Bhat of Amit Bhat Architects has crafted this stunning space with comfort, aesthetics, material usage and luxury as the focal point. Sprawled across three floors, the home comprises of a double-heighted, spacious living room linked to a kitchen and dining space, four bedrooms and an in-house entertainment room that comes with a home theatre and bar lounge. To add an exclusive touch, each room in this dwelling is helmed using an interesting mix of different textures
Living room
The salon of this luxe abode is not only double heighted but also vast. The neutral grey, white and beige colour palette instils a sense of familiarity and comfort. The panoramic windows amplify the space, while the geometric textures on the extensive backdrop perfectly complement the reflective marble flooring. Tufted pearl grey couches sit in the centre with charcoal muted side seaters. A gold and red toned chandelier floats above, illuminating the spacious room.
Dining room
The reflective marble flooring progresses into the dining room, a perfect base for the cushioned upholstery and quilted wall panels with a tinge of metal detailing. This room exudes luxury with it’s cosy yet elegant dining decor. Featuring a full-sized floor to ceiling mirror and a serene view through the glass windows one can enjoy intimate meals here, swaddled in comfort.
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